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What I offer: Services

What do I offer

1:1 counselling and psychotherapy with adults - telephone / online

I believe everyone has the capacity to change no matter how difficult or stuck things may feel. I  offer a confidential space to work through what is important to you. I work both short and long term.

In our sessions you will be free to talk about your concerns and feelings. Therapeutically informed questions will help us work together to explore and make sense of  your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. We will work to help you manage your experience in the here and now, consider any changes you might wish to make, and work through any insights you may have about yourself and your life.

I won’t tell you what to do, but I may invite you to do tasks between sessions to aid our work together. I will also ensure we regularly review our work so we remain focussed on the outcomes you wish to achieve.

I am trained in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (TA) which offers a great way to understand ourselves, our development and our relationships. Using transparent and accessible ideas it combines to form an approach that can help you understand yourself in the context of your life.  I am an integrative practitioner, which means whilst my approach is underpinned by my core psychotherapy training, I use complimentary methodologies and approaches which might include for example, CBT ideas, mindfulness and relaxation work, solution focused thinking, emotional regulation & DBT skills, and psychoeducation.

I find working in this way really effective. It means I can approach our work together in the most helpful way to you and your unique needs.

What does this actually mean to how we work together?

Therapy is not ‘done to you’ but rather ‘done with you.’  I will respect and value you as an individual with your own unique capacity to think, change, and grow.

You, and the relationship we form will be an important part in our work together.  We will work in an open and respectful way, jointly agreeing how we are working and the outcomes we are working towards. I offer a very collaborative approach with deep respect and empathy at the heart.

Initial Telephone Consultation 20 minutes - No charge

Therapy Appointments 50 minutes £50 per hour.

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